‘Consultation’ - Perhaps you have a problem area that doesn't seem to grow anything for you, or containers that look great when you plant them but then they seem to fade out after a few weeks - maybe your garden is looking tired, lacking the color and aesthetics it once had - or maybe your landscape seems to have swallowed up your house and yard or some of the plantings are beginning to fail - maybe you just want to make your front entry more inviting - or perhaps you just want to know what kind of plants you have - or perhaps you would like to create a new outdoor space to enjoy. A consultation visit can determine what will address your concerns.  

‘Design’ - A good design is a well thought out design taking into consideration the existing landscape nature has provided for us under our feet, over our heads and at our sitting and standing views as we experience them. I strive to provide a plan that integrates and enhances the natural areas and/or structures already in place in a landscape. Perhaps a building is the artful factor, or maybe a natural area with native plants, a pond, or the colors or sounds in your environment. These will be the tools I use to determine how best to create a design that looks and feels like it 'belongs' or 'happened by nature'. All my design work follows 'Right Plant, Right Place' guidelines, provide 4 season interest and support sustainable low-maintenance results.

‘Right Plant, Right Place Coaching’ - The purchase and installation of plant material is expensive. It is important to select the correct materials that will thrive in a given area. Many properties today are much smaller than those of the past. Smaller sized properties today require plants that will thrive and not outgrow the space we can provide to them. Disease and Pest Resistance are important factors to consider when choosing plants, whether they are to be grown in a container or window box, or in your garden or landscape. Every property has it's own 'ecosystem' that should be considered in the plant selection process, as well as specific goals you may have with respect to nature, birds, pollinators and more. I can help you make the right plant selection and placement decisions for your specifc wants and needs.  

‘Plant Health and Care Services’ - The WOW factor of your containers, gardens and landscape are often attributed to the care they get. Tasks are tailored to the needs of the property and client. I provide sustainable plant health and care services following organic methods as much as possible. All tasks are performed at the appropriate time of the season for the best benefit of your garden or landscape.


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