Plants placed in their proper environment grow healthier, need less pruning and look and perform better in your landscape or garden. I can help you make correct choices for plant material and placement.

Here are a few considerations to think about when determining plant choices:

‘Scale’, will the plant fit into the space as it should at maturity.

‘Exposure’, will it thrive with the amount of sunlight, water and wind in the area. 

‘Culture’, is the soil adequate to meet the needs for a healthy root system.

‘Aesthetics’, do the color, texture and shape compliment the area and partnering plants.

‘Mood’, does it suggest a particular feeling - relaxed, energetic, reaching, weeping.

‘Function’, perhaps it is placed to provide privacy, food for birds, butterflies, shade.

All too often I see areas where plants are suffering or cannot be appreciated for their assets due to incorrect placement. I can help you determine the best choices for plant material and the place to plant them where they will 'thrive' not just survive. I can also find and purchase plants for you. I purchase from reputable nurseries who stand behind their products and have the best choices for your particular needs. Can't find that plant you've been wanting for too long? I can help you find, purchase and plant it.


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